Hiding behind the pen

The pen can be a formOf passive aggression.A way of saying things on a pageThat you can’t bring yourself to sayFace to face.Many books are filled with wordsThat were left unsaid,Plans that were never carried out:Life that was not lived.While narrative is a superpowerIt cannot replace actual experiences.Words are meant to describe, informAnd even shape […]

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Vanishing phrases

There’s a sentence in the airI can’t quite graspA phrase that would come to meIf only I had the patience,If only I had the skill,Or the presence of mindTo give it a home.Somehow I can perceiveThat this one sentenceWill lead to a world I’ve longed forAnd only painfully glimpsed,Like Moses yearning for the Promised LandHe’d […]

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On doing research

When you’re a rookie,Aiming for a project that’s the‘Best in the class’Is probably not the best goal to have.To focus on processRather than the praise you’re hoping to getIs a more reliable north star.And if you must procrastinateDo so productively,Let your mind never stop gathering dataEven if you’re far from your books,And be sure to […]

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Writing for clarity

Having every thought and idea  Neatly lined up in marching formation, Chronologically arranged  Ready to tumble onto the page – Is not a pre-requisite  For good writing.  The pen is a sword Capable of slicing through confusion, Splitting open hidden insights  And chopping off sentiments That don’t add to the narrative. Writing does not empty […]

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Dry pens

I have a recurring nightmareThat my pen has dried up,And have said all I could sayEmptied myself completely-Bottom of the barrel kind of stuff:I sit down to writeBut all that comes upAre tired old storiesRepeated repeatedlyStaring back at me on the pageAnd morphing into the voiceOf my inner criticThat I am all too familiar-‘’You’re done’ […]

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The stuff you write today

May not be the best you have in youAnd yes it may even be really, really bad.The pen makes no guarantees,No assurance of qualityNo fail safe strategy for a compelling story-Just a promiseThat once on the pageYour ethereal thoughts would haveFound brick and mortar residence in the formOf sentences-Sentences that may evokeMind numbing boredomOr deep, […]

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Creative Confidence

When will you stop asking for permissionTo do what you’ve beenPut here on earth to do?When will you be convinced?How many pats on the back will it take?Five star ratingsStanding ovationsTestimonials-All of it won’t ever be enoughTo fill up the gaping holesOf your insecurity,So stop waiting untilYou feel worthy to create-You already are.Creative confidenceComes after […]

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Be stingy with your words. Be careful with your assertions. Not every thought Not every opinion  Not every thing you read  Or podcast you listened to Needs to be shared.  Some of it is just for you. Despite what social media  Is priming you to do,  Not everything needs to be shared. 

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Creative timing

Timing really mattersWhen it comes to creative work-Are the people readyFor what you have to offer?Are you doing your most important workDuring your most productive hours?Are you in a rush? Do you have to be?Creating healthy rhythyms for creative workIs as important as the creative work itself.Finding the best times of the dayTo be creativeLocks […]

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Writing for clarity

Not every sentence will be neededMany words are going to have to be let goA lot of early thoughts on the pageWon’t make it to the final cut.The pen is a macheteSlicing through the forestOf ambiguity,Chopping down unnecessary branches,Pruning for purposeUntil a clearer, deeper realityAppears on theHorizon.

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