The Supremacy of Money

Is a lie

Mari yako chete, is how we say it in Harare; as long as you have your money little else matters.

While that seems good for one’s bottom line, it is probably the most debilitating frame of thought that has plagued our city. It tries to place a cost on every interaction, a dollar earned for every effort made, public goods made to line private pockets,  reducing our lives to a series of monetary transactions, opportunistically preying off of one another. Almost anything for a dollar. If money was supreme, then those with the most of it would be the happiest. That is a lie that is easy to believe when you don’t have a lot, its easy to think that money can solve all our problems. It won’t. It can’t. We know this, yet we spend all day worrying, working, lying, laboring for it as though it can. As though that extra five dollars from a bribe is worth more than our integrity. As though another day of working overtime is more important than spending time with the people we claim to love. As though gaining a profit trumps keeping a promise. As though the only thing that matters about where we live is how good the pay is.

Money is not supreme. Have you bought into the lie that it is?

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