Today is a good day to set things right

Coz tomorrow may not look any better

And if we are to be honest the hesitancy you feel about moving ahead

Will not disappear tomorrow.

Some things must be done now, as soon as possible

Deadlines exist for a reason

Finite time makes our moments precious

So your actions, or lack of them, today matters

If it’s worth doing, do it today.

Conditions may never be convenient, let alone perfect:

Sometimes you can’t wait til the money is right,

The experience and what comes with it may have to do;

You can’t wait for her to notice you before you say ‘Hi’

Coz unless you say something, she may indeed never notice.

Better to have grasped at some than to have missed it all.

Tomorrow may be too late to apologize;

That word of appreciation will mean more if you say it today;

He may not be willing to hear you tomorrow

And today may be the last day she is around to hear your voice.

So say it today; ’I’m sorry’, ’Your work matters’, ’This is no longer acceptable’, ‘I love you.’

If it needs saying, say it today.

Stop trying to clean up your act on your own,

If you were going to do it, you would have done it by now

And don’t kid yourself thinking you will to get yourself ‘’sorted’’ one day

Before you turn back to God

Because you have no guarantee another day will come.

Turn back now. Today.

Today may be as good as it gets.

‘Whoever watches the wind

Will not plant;

Whoever looks at the clouds

Will not reap.’

-Ecclesiastes 11:4 (NIV)

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