Believing again

Standing once more, on the shores of possibility

Bearing the marks of several defeats

Yet standing there. Again.

Looking out again at the waves and believing that  the sea of life will be forgiving. This time around.

It must be understood that “believing” is not careless thought nor wishful thinking.

It is not cowardice, but bravery to face daily doubts head on.

It is the strength to run again, having once fled from the foolish appearance of ones dreams.


I am not fearless. I have settled often for less.

But then there comes a nudge, a gentle whisper suggesting yet another dive

And it is then that I realize, that this is what I have always wanted:

Not just to believe- for it is easy to ‘believe’ believable things,

but rather to dare again after being found wanting

Refusing for the story to end this way.

To imagine against the odds as opposed to thinking within the confines they create.


Standing on the shore again, hoping against hope that this time the waves will be different.

Forgiving.That things will be better.

I am no advocate for naivety, but there comes a point where hope outweighs logic and it is up to each one to decide which burden to bear

Do not be deceived; hope is heavy. Can you bear it?


Perhaps beneath its weight is where we are truly meant to be.

Where our hearts really live.

Don’t ignore the familiar whisper.

Perhaps it is time to believe. Again.




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