Relevant. Locally

Coming from a place with a lot of disorder

And a lot of things needing change

Its been a  temptation of mine to want to move where

The big problems have been already solved

Where the grass is already green.

To go and never come back.

And while exposure to this global society has much to offer

There is a tendency to use this ‘exposure’ as a means of escape.

Escape from the very problems that motivated to growth in the first place.

Its important to remember that no matter how globalized we become

We will always be locally relevant somewhere.

There is someone in your sphere of influence right now who needs to hear what you have to share. Today. Now.

Be relevant. Locally.

2 thoughts on “Relevant. Locally

  1. Be relevant, now, locally. This has me thinking of how with all the global dilemmas I see people zooming in globally but straying away locally, turning a blind ignorant eye, keeping silent.

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