Convenience List

Everyone has one.

A list of favorites.

People and things that tickle your fancy

A bunch of nice things. People that you like.

Nothing more.

Everyone has one. And indeed we are all entitled to one.

The trouble starts when you realize that you didn’t make someone else’s list.

That someone didn’t find your particular combination of existence to be special

That you’re really just another number in the system.

Nothing noteworthy.

And at that moment you can decide whether you are going to break your neck

Trying to be accepted

By people that have already made up their minds.

Or you can remember that there are those who haven’t concluded

Once and for all that you will never measure up

But t who count on you to show up,

Who would notice if you didn’t come in.

To whom you are not just convenient to have around-

You’re wanted.


If you lead a team, a family, an organization

You decide what kind of list

The people on your team will be on,

Whether they will be on a never ending audition

Or if they know they live and work with people who are rooting for them to make it,

Eager for them to show up.

The list is yours to make.

Pick wisely.



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