Making right

There is nothing quite like making right with someone you care about,
Ending a cold war of
Leaving important things unsaid
Withholding affection and
Convincing ourself that you don’t need that person in your life,
Promising yourself to not let down your pride
Until they let down theirs.
It can really be exhausting to keep all that up,
Hence the immense relief of finally falling back into step with someone who you once walked with.
Making right is one of the hardest things you may have to do today,
As there is always the risk of making a fool of yourself in the process.
But better to end the day as a hopeful fool striving for a relationship you care about in earnest
Than as an even bigger fool, lying to yourself and not fighting for what you truly care about.
The choice is yours.

2 thoughts on “Making right

  1. we call it the gift of letting go/the gift of saying good bye….makes me think of all the doors I closed because of fear

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