To misunderstand is to be human

Because of our in-built trust issues.
It is very difficult to consistently believe
That others have our best interests at heart.
It makes us hard to be led;
Hard to be loved.
Because the day our will is crossed
We find ourselves questioning
The integrity of our lovers and our leaders.

Think of God.
If He is who He says He is
Then He is by far the greatest Lover and Leader
We will ever know.
Yet we incessantly call His character to question,
Refusing to believe that in the midst of difficulty
He might see something we don’t.
That though we don’t understand our circumstances, He has our back.
We doubt. We doubt
That His leadership can be trusted,
Nor His love taken to the bank.

To misunderstand is to be human.
We get in our own way.
So if you’re going to be a leader,
Let not your confidence be derived from gaining everyone’s approval.
Even your best efforts will not be appreciated by all.
And if you are going to love,
Do so patiently, knowing that at one point or another, our human condition
Predisposes us to resist the very things we need.

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