What is it about words that move us?
Give us peace?
Wound us deeply?
We may never know how far reaching
Our words may be,
In prose or in speech
There is not way of knowing
How deeply embedded they become in the psyche
Of those they reach,
From the testimony of a recovering addict
You may never meet,
Whose story you see and hear through a screen
And yet somehow finds kinship with your own narrative,
Or how words penned by ancient prophets
Can reverberate in human souls
For two millennia,
Or the cautionary tales told on a mothers lap
Can be recounted word for word decades later,
And how a single tweet
Can torpedo your life’s work
Or thrust you into (usually temporary) stardom.
Up close, a word of encouragement
Can form the scaffolding of someone’s life
Or the heavy baggage of discouragement
The they carry with them for a lifetime.
Words ricochet
In the human heart,
Forming towers we may not see
Taking us to airless rooms with no way out,
While others elevate us to other-worldly places
And raise goosebumps of delight on the backs of our necks.
The worlds we inhabit
Are shaped by our bank balances and area codes
As much as they are by our deepest fears
And greatest hopes.
Indeed the words ‘Let there be light’
Are still keeping our days in sync.
Words ricochet:
Release them with intent.

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